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Publisher's Description: Bulk SMS Software for Professional

Software Description:

Bulk SMS Software makes trouble free solution to deliver multiple messages to several mobiles from any single computer system. Highly flexible bulk messaging program offers facility to pass on several essential notes such as sports news, astrology related data, current market info on your any brand mobile devices without loss of any data.

Easy to operate SMS Software has amazing graphical user interface that helps any layman to convey several messages without suffering any problem. Mostly recommended SMS Software supports all national as well as international mobile networks for broadcasting numerous messages without any time delay.


Well proficient bulk SMS Software easily forwards large volume of customized messages without requiring internet connectivity on your computer system and mobile phones. Highly developed bulk messaging utility is capable to pass on thousands of messages instantly with using any GSM network mobile device.

Download inexpensive bulk SMS Software from above link for 30 days trial period to be well familiar with software functionality. SMS sending software is specifically made for you to compose and deliver wide range of personal and commercial messages in very reasonable cost.

Well compatible SMS Software is easily installed on wide varieties of Windows such as Win XP, 7, business Vista even Server edition to simplified SMS broadcasting. Features:*SMS Software broadcasts multiple text messages from your computer to several mobile numbers at the same time.

Program does not require any internet connectivity for broadcasting group of text as well as multimedia messages without any trouble.*Application easily works with all GMS technology based mobile devices for sending large volume of customized messages.Bulk SMS sending software provides simple to operate graphical user interface for any kind of user.

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