TSplus Advanced Security 6.4.5


TSplus Advanced Security 6.4.5

TSplus Advanced Security is the must-have cybersecurity software to detect attacks on remote connections, protect servers and improve your network security. Cyber criminals know you use Remote Desktop Protocol to work remotely. And you need to know your network vulnerabilities to mitigate your risks.

The TSplus approach combines smart cybersecurity technologies and the expertise of our remote desktop security specialists to deliver advanced threat protection for your servers and remote workers. Try it now for free!

TSplus Advanced Security Ultimate Protection will be your secret shield against the increasing number of cyber criminals who try to take advantage of home office workers. Easy-to-use and comprehensive antivirus, it is extremely efficient from the start. It will provide a solid protection for your RDS Servers and sensitive data by fighting against hackers and malicious people with seven powerful security features.

Powerful Security Features:

  • Prohibit employees to connect at night with time-based control access: with Working Hours Restriction, you can specify what times and days each of your users or groups can open sessions.
  • Use Homeland Protection to block any IP address which is not in your list of allowed countries and thus protect your servers from potential foreign attack.
  • Block brute-force attacks thanks to a powerful Defender.
  • Inspect Windows files permissions at one sight and modify them in a click.
  • Detect and stop Ransomware on time and back-up data in a safe place.
  • Restrict access to specific devices.

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