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Doodle Maker is the best animation software in current times. It uses Futuristic Artificial Intelligence Technology. Supported by 300 + templates, and it automatically transforms any Text or Content into Colourful Doodle Videos In more than 60 Languages. With Doodle Maker’s multilingual Video translation capabilities, text-to-speech and accents over 160+ Realistic Human voice to choose from, you can do wonders and attract global audiences and clients with ease! You Create Unlimited Doodle Videos with Doodle Maker!

Doodle Maker Unleashes Unlimited Possibilities, Easily Make Videos For Any Goal.

Ideal for the following purposes:

  • Lead Generation and Sales
  • Ecommerce
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Traffic Campaigns
  • Product Creation
  • Education
  • Agency Business

With Unmatched Versatility, Flexibility & True Creative Freedom.

  • Create from over 300+ templates or Create from scratch.
  • Use one-click translation and AI to turn old videos into attention-grabbing doodle videos in any language!
  • Use built-in A.I. to create world-class videos faster than ever before.

One Platform is enough for Universal Doodle Video Applications!
Very Useful for the following professionals:

  • Content creators,
  • Teachers,
  • Freelancers,
  • Coaches
  • Digital Marketers
  • Offline and online businesses
  • You tubers
  • Affiliate Marketers,
  • Authors
  • Social Media Managers,
  • Bloggers


  • Text to Speech Converter
  • Multi Lingual 60 + Languages
  • 160 + Male and female voices
  • Record your own voice
  • Icon finder and Pixabay
  • Built in Library Images
  • Colour Image to Sketch
  • Converter
  • Board Switcher
  • Add your own water Mark
  • Built in Transitions
  • Element Speed Changer
  • Colour Changer
  • Export in 720O or 1080P HD quality
  • YouTube and Vimeo Publisher
  • Create unlimited Videos
  • Free hand Editor
  • 300 + Readymade Templates
  • Intuitive text to Image Finder
  • Live preview: Edit and Make Perfect before rendering
  • Built in Music Library – Choose from high quality royal free music tracks
  • Commercial and personal use License Included

    What do you get? (A summary)
    With this package you get :

  • Unlimited Videos
  • Creation rights,
  • Artificial Intelligence technology
  • 300+ Ready-Made Video Templates
  • From Scratch to Custom Video Editor
  • A.I. Video Translation Engine
  • Colour & Black-and-White Doodles
  • 5 Million Royalty-Free Images
  • Copyright-Free Music Library
  • Doodle Style Animations
  • 720P or 1080P HD Videos
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • Up To 15 Minutes Video Length
  • Authorised Commercial License

If you are still not convinced, let us think his way.

  • If you are looking for Global Traffic,
  • If you do not enough time or technical skill,
  • If you need a Professional Quality doodle or videos,
  • If you need unlimited versatility doodle videos,
  • If you are lacking in ideas or creativity,
  • If you need a budget-friendly solution for videos.

If This attracts you, then this Doodle Maker is the ideal choice for you!

What are you waiting for!
Click the above button, know more, and buy immediately!

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