Inventory Control and Retail Business Barcodes


Publisher's Description: Inventory Control and Retail Business Barcodes

Using barcodes, you can easily reduce complete manual work of retail and Inventory control industries. Barcode label printing software provides perfect solution to create stylish barcode labels and get them printed in various formats like tag, sticker and many more to fulfill your business labeling needs. Barcode generator software support linear and 2D barcode font standard to easily create professional Inventory control and retail industry barcode labels.


Software features :-

  • Barcode software supports 2D barcode and linear barcode font styles.
  • Software provides advanced barcode designing view with different designing tools such as text, line, pencil ellipse, picture, rectangle and many more.
  • Generate Barcode Labels with option to specify Barcode Value, Barcode Header and Barcode Footer.
  • Software provides facility to set Bar Height and Density of barcodes with Margin details (Value, Header and Footer).
  • Print multiple barcode labels using advanced inbuilt printing settings.

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