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Delphi is the world’s most advanced integrated IDE for rapid development, with powerful features and award-winning visual design tools for building high-performance native applications for multiple platforms. 

Efficiently use a single codebase to rapidly develop and maintain blazingly fast, visually and technologically impressive apps for billions of users on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.


Consistently deliver projects on time and under budget by leveraging database access components, data binding technologies, and best-in-class Windows desktop UI library and get your applications for Windows 11.


Features that deliver 5x development productivity make Delphi a favorite among independent developers and enterprise development teams. Free trial signup:

Here are some key features and aspects of Delphi:

  1. Object Pascal Language: Delphi uses the Object Pascal programming language, which is a modern, high-level language with support for object-oriented programming (OOP). It is easy to learn and provides a strong foundation for developing robust applications.
  2. Visual Development: Delphi’s RAD environment allows developers to design the user interface of their applications visually. You can drag and drop components, set properties, and connect them with code to create your application’s front end.
  3. Component-Based Architecture: Delphi is built around a component-based architecture. It includes a wide range of pre-built components for various tasks, such as user interface controls, database connectivity, and more. Developers can also create their own custom components for reuse.
  4. Cross-Platform Development: While Delphi was initially designed for Windows development, Embarcadero has introduced support for cross-platform development using the FireMonkey framework. This allows you to build applications for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS from a single codebase.
  5. Database Connectivity: Delphi has strong database support, and it can connect to various database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and more. The Data-Aware components simplify working with databases.
  6. Active Community: Delphi has an active and dedicated community of developers who share knowledge, components, and provide support through various forums and resources.
  7. Extensibility: Delphi allows you to extend the IDE and language capabilities through custom components, third-party libraries, and plugins.
  8. VCL (Visual Component Library): Delphi’s VCL is a set of reusable components for building the user interface of Windows applications. It includes buttons, labels, grids, and many other controls.
  9. Delphi Community Edition: Embarcadero offers a free Community Edition of Delphi, which is a more limited version of the professional edition but still powerful and suitable for small-scale development.

Delphi has been used in a wide range of applications, from small utilities to large enterprise-level systems. It’s particularly well-suited for developing desktop applications with rich user interfaces. Over the years, it has evolved to adapt to changing technology trends and remains a popular choice for Windows application development.

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