QuickMove 3.5.0

QuickMove is a rules-based file mover that learns where to move your files based on an initial decision from you. It will also offer a list of favorite target folders for those files that don’t fall into any strict category. How? Just right-click on a file and select QuickMove. If QuickMove has no matching rule from past actions then it will open the Rule Wizard and assist you with the creation of a rule before moving the file. The next time you select this type of file for a “quick move”, it will apply the rule without prompt.

Always cutting and pasting the same types of Files to the same Folders?
Always navigating deep Folder structures to archive the same types of Files?
Wish that you could just “right-click” on a File and see it automatically moved based on Rules learned.
Wish you could just be prompted for a list of your favorite target Folders.
QuickMove has the Solution!

Main Features:

  • QuickMove Files From Context Menu
  • Match on File Name and Extension
  • Match on File Name or Extension
  • Match on Pattern (Including RegEx)
  • QuickMove History With Undo – Multi-Undo
  • Unlimited Favourite Folders List
  • Controlling Tray Notifications
  • Overriding your Rules from the Context Menu
  • Editing your Rules from the Context Menu
  • Overwriting without Warning Dialog
  • Renaming existing Files before Move
  • Moving to Sub-folders based on File Name
  • Using RegEx for Matching and Target Folders
  • Automation Plugin
  • Proxy Support

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