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FINALLY! Boring Robotic Voices Are A Thing of The Past!

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a video or listening to audio and hearing a voice that sounds monotonous. If you’re using this type of audio in your projects, you need to stop immediately. Because now with the new VoiceBuddy software, you can access the latest technology you can do things much better way of producing text-to-speech audio.

And even with the above, you’ll find a ton of other features. add pitch, natural pauses, the strength of voice, and more!

Voice Buddy is really the best text-to-speech software for Generating Natural Sounding Voices in current and future times.

  • This is an EASY-TO-USE Application, where
  • No Programming or Technical Skills needed.
  • Even a newbie can use it very easily.
  • One-of-A-Kind Software Saving Your Thousands of Dollars On All Your Voice-Over Needs.

 Convert text to Speech in 3 EASY STEPS

You can pump out natural-sounding audio asap with VoiceBuddy. All you need to do is:

  • Select your language and voice
  • Paste your text into Voice Buddy
  • Click to generate your audio

It really is simple as following 3 steps. But, if you want a little more advanced capabilities, VoiceBuddy can do that

You can also customize as below:

  • Set Emphasis How You Like
  • Set Say As
  • Set The Pitch of Your Audio
  • Adjust The Speed of Speech
  • Set Breaks For More Natural Talking
  • Set Paragraph Breaks
  • Set Sentence Breaks

Developer offers 33 Languages and More than 140 of different Voices to Choose From

English isn’t the only popular language today. That’s why developers have made it sure to include multiple languages, over 140 different voices inside of VoiceBuddy.

This way you can create audio in some of the most popular languages today without missing a beat.

Visit the above link and you can explore and check the tones and accents in different languages.

Languages offered are :

FrenchMandarin- ChineesSwedich

VoiceBuddy Is Easy To Use even for NEWBIES.

VoiceBuddy is made incredibly easy right out the gate. You simply cannot mess this up. Even if you have the technical skills of a blind caveman!


Everything is right where you need it. No clicking around trying to find the tools to use. The layout is designed to make sure you can start generating high quality text to speech fast.


You’ll also be able to edit all of your text you put into VoiceBuddy at a moment’s notice. The wide layout makes sure you can comb over your text with ease.

If you have already tried many and couldn’t find any satisfactory text-to-speech software, you can surely rely on Voice Buddy and that would really transform text to speech very easy, and incredibly powerful at the same time.

Believe us this is the best quality software and is leaps and bounds above the competition!

Now, what are you waiting for! Click the above button and buy the software right now!


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