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Publisher's Description: Visec Surveillance Software

Visec is the ultimate surveillance software that lets you monitor everything you ever wanted. Whether you want to keep an eye on your home, office, cars, valuables, pets, kids, nanny or babysitter, you can do it all from anywhere in the world with just an Internet connection! VISEC is so versatile and powerful that you can even use it as a stealth surveillance system, hiding it from anyone’s sight with a few clicks.

And the best part is that Visec is super easy to use, you can set it up and start monitoring in just 5 minutes, even if you have no clue about computers. Plus, Visec is free for life for 1 camera!

Visec works with 99.9% of all IP cameras

But wait, there’s more! Visec works with 99.9% of all IP cameras that are onvif standard and well as analog and web cameras. Visec is the first software in the world that can read and decode QR codes directly from any camera stream, no extra gadgets needed. As long as the QR code is in view, Visec can scan it and reveal its secrets.

Visec’s entire software is under 100 megabytes in size, compared to our leading competitors who’s code is 1.5 GB. Every line of programming in Visec is optimized to the highest efficiency standards. There are no garbage codesets to load into memory or waste resources. We custom engineered Visec to load fast, and optimized it for speed.

Visec supports all Axis Camera models including:

Visec AXIS M11 Series,  AXIS M1125,  AXIS M1145,  AXIS M30 Series,  AXIS M50 Series,  AXIS M70 Series,  AXIS P12 Series,  AXIS P13 Series,  AXIS P14 Series,  AXIS P32 Series,  AXIS P33 Series,  AXIS P39-R Series,  AXIS P54 Series,  AXIS P55 Series,  AXIS P56 Series,  AXIS P72 Series,  AXIS P85 Series,  AXIS Q16 Series,  AXIS Q17 Series,  AXIS Q19 Series,  AXIS Q35 Series,  AXIS Q37 Series,  AXIS Q60 Series,  AXIS Q61 Series,  AXIS Q74 Series,  AXIS Q84 Series,  AXIS Q86 Series,  AXIS Q87 Series,  AXIS V59 Series, and more.

Enthusiasts who wants to know more, visit at vendors site and can explore.

How to Download

Click the above button, Visit the site, Explore and download for 1 Camra for free!

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