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RPM Remote Print Manager -

Software Description:

RPM Remote Print Manager® (“RPM”) is a unique product in the marketplace. Typically, when you print a document, it goes to a printer, and that’s it. But, RPM gives you full access to your data, including many options beyond a one-time print.

Some of major Features

  • print to a Windows printer, with control over formatting
  • print to multiple printers
  • print using multiple input trays and output bins
  • archive to disk
  • convert to another format, make amendments
  • attach to an email
  • upload to an FTP server
  • run a program
  • extract fields from the document and use them in processing
  • RPM will reprint jobs that fail to process for any reason
  • optionally retain jobs after processing so that you can reprint at your leisure

There are plenty more Features and Options

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